Observer Bias

by Carla Sagan

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released December 21, 2015

many credits:

recorded & produced by David Kleiser @ Outremont
mastered by Josh Boguski @ Egg Paper Factory

David & Carla mixed tracks 1, 3, 4
Josh mixed track 2

Ellen Belshaw played percussion
Jyotsana Singh played guitar
Mariah Andrews played bass
Claire Guimond played keyboard
Audrey Bilfon sang on track 2

Jono Currier drew the cover

Tugboat is a Galaxie 500 song
Life on a Young Planet is a pop science book by Andrew Knoll, lent to J. by Boz

thanks to the above & to Chris, Jevon, Jehane, Spenny, Daniel, Arthur, Poisson Noir, Egg Paper, friends



all rights reserved


Carla Sagan Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Cosmos Theme
here to there, yours is mine to share so i think i can't help you there. gazing at the blue face you can't see nor touch it's not yours anymore. invite myself to the party at yours, public grief: yours not mine
Track Name: 'Heroes of Space Travel'
your false gravity doesn't do it for me these days. i'll go swimming with the dolphins--they can all talk to me. you're so stupid riding starships homeless watch your tail now don't you understand? there's nothing but the ground. drifted, you're so

build a farcaster, visit me on maui-covenant. don't forget me when your heart slows down inside the icebox. i'll just burn here meanwhile (my mind's ageing slowly, slowly) what are you doing later? meet me at the pyre.

i will be king...